Worship Services

The Lord’s Supper is shared on the second and last Sundays of the month.

The weekly worship service at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church begins at 9am each Sunday morning, but things begin happening at the church on the hill much earlier than that.

Just as they have more more than 150 years, the greeters for the weekly church service climb up the stairs to the bell tower to ring the church bells announcing to the surrounding community that church begins in an hour.

Our service is liturgical, meaning from week to week we follow an order of worship beginning with a call to worship, followed by confession and forgiveness of sins, and a song of praise..

God Word is heard, beginning with a reading from the Old Testament; a psalm, which is either read responsively or often sung by the congregation; and a New Testament reading, followed by a message from one of the four gospels.

A variety of hymns are sung accompanied by organ or piano.

Every week the children in the congregation eagerly await the children’s sermon, which presents the message in terms that the youngest of us can easily understand.

St. Paul’s celebrates open communion on the second and last Sundays of each month and during special festivals. You need not be a member of our church in order to share in the Lord’s Supper. We invite all communing children and adults to the Lord’s Table.

Because “we are the church,” we participate in the service as acolytes, readers, actors, ushers, communion assistants, musicians, and singers. We share the responsibility for flowers to decorate the altar, and clean-up after communion services.