About Us

St. Paul’s — The Church on the Hill in Lohman

The Church is a People

There’s a hymn that proclaims, “The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple. The church is not a dwelling place. The church is a people!” And what an interesting collection of people we have here at St. Paul’s!

At St. Paul’s the church is made of up of people just like you. Babies in arms to 90-year-olds—our members are single, married, divorced, and widowed…single parent families, traditional families, and blended families.

Our church is home to entrepreneurs and business owners, teachers and students, engineers and domestic engineers, state office workers, health care professionals, farmers, and retirees.

We might be located in a small town, but we’re far more than that.

  • One of our members hitchhiked alone across the Kahalari desert.
  • Others spent a time on active duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Omaha Beach, and Saipan.
  • Some have lived their entire lives here in Lohman.
  • Others called many places home before settling down in mid-Missouri.

And, as you might expect, our interests are wide and varied as our members. Some of us garden, sew, or do woodworking; others indulge in gourmet cooking, playing musical instruments, or operating a ham radio. There are folks who watch silent movies and some who watch the stock markets. Some people collect dolls, others comic books, others classic cars.

Through it all we are a church family. We laugh together and break bread together. When something wonderful happens, we celebrate. During hardships, we pray for one another. When there’s a death, we grieve together.

Join us and be part of the rich history of St. Paul’s. Though our lives may be busier than those German immigrants who founded the church more than 150 years ago, we, like them, live together in God’s amazing grace.