Leadership & Staff

Congregational Council
Decisions affecting St. Paul’s are made by a congregational council which consists of the acting pastor and nine members of the congregation, each of whom has been elected to a 3-year term of service. The council meets on a monthly basis to pray and discuss the business of the congregation.

The current members of the congregational council are:
  • David Viles, Pastor
  • Jason Plochberger, President
  • Abbie Linsenbardt Vice-President
  • Bridget Dalton, Secretary
  • Stacy Bubach
  • Jeanne Case
  • Laurie Koestner
  • Frank Pascoe
  • Alan Scheperle
  • Kay Pascoe, Council Treasurer (non-council member)

Congregational Staff

  • Debbie Raithel, Church Secretary
  • Marie Scheperle, Recording Secretary
  • Gertrude Strobel, Organist & Newsletter Editor
  • Kathryn Linsenbardt, Custodian